Peak My Interest

Sustainable learning requires commitment on behalf of the learner, and the depth of this commitment is largely determined by the quality of the assigned task.

Tasks must be purposeful, personal and practical to the given learner.  There must be real depth and challenge embedded in a given task, it must be of genuine interest to the learner, and the related learning must then be meaningfully applied by the student in the future.  These types of tasks trigger compound interest – when learners explore, they want to learn more!

Conversely, impoverished tasks never have the capability of producing anything more than simple interest for our learners.  At best, these activities may be fun, but there will be no sustainable reinvestment with impoverished tasks.  They serve as isolated short-term sources of work, rather than as interconnected long-term sources of wonder.

Generating additional interest on your interest is the basis of financial compound interest, and the same premise should certainly apply to all educational pursuits.  Interest in tasks should be self-perpetuating, as students want to explore more and want to dig deeper.  Far too often, the deepest assigned tasks ever get to go is to the bottom of the recycling bin.

Considering the time invested by both the learner and teacher, in addition to the ever-growing costs associated with public education, generating only simple interest is simply unacceptable!

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