The interconnecting tunnels and bridges of Chesapeake Bay serve not only as a practical role in facilitating the use of the waterway but also provide a powerful learning metaphor.  The tunnels represent what learners know, while the bridges represent what learners show. Watch to learn more.

For far too long, students' minds served as bird feeders, that teachers filled with facts and figures.  Being able to "achieve" was simply a measure of how quickly and accurately they could retrieve the required information from their feeders during formal testing situations.  Watch to learn more.

Exposure to new learning is not enough, as students need routine opportunities to explore.  The ultimate richness of any task is closely aligned with the depth of this exploration.  Watch to learn more.

The New 3 Rs of Teaching and Learning are Richness, Relevance and Return on Investment.  Rich tasks are purposeful. Relevant tasks are personal and practical tasks yield a significant Return on Investment.  Watch to learn more.

Rich task are not rich in isolation, but rather acquire their educational equity through meaningful applications.  The first step to enrichment is to focus on the HOWS and WHYS, rather than impoverished prompts such as who, what, when and where.  Watch to learn more.

Students cannot reasonably be expected o fully commit significant time and energy to token tasks that already have arbitrarily imposed boundaries placed upon them before they even begin their work.  Watch to learn more.

Each of us carry around a schema backpack full of a lifetime of skills, experiences, and personality traits.  Investing in students' schema makes tasks relevant to the learner.  Watch to learn more.

To lessen the focus and pressure placed upon teachers of the standardized testing years, and to more effectively address any gaps in students' learning, teachers must collaboratively establish MUST MASTER SKILLS that students need to be able to demonstrate at the end of a given school year.  Watch to learn more.

Paralysis of Analysis occurs whenever analysis is artificially and arbitrarily forced to stop.  Watch to learn more.

Targeted teaching is all about hitting the mark with all of our students.  Context for learning is provided in the informational ring.  This learning the extends to the intellectual ring where students are exposed to rich tasks through how and why questioning.  The next ring focuses on the individual by bringing the student's schema to the task and making the task relevant to the learning.  Watch to learn more.

In addition to their all important depth, rich tasks also provide, and required, considerable breadth.  Watch to learn more.

HOW and WHY questions are intellectual, inspirational and inclusive to all learners.  Watch to learn more.

The Importance of routinely providing students with Rich, Relevant tasks that provide a significant Return on Investment can never be overstated, but there is another important "R" word educators should always keep in mind ... Relish!  Watch to learn more.

The most meaningful and sustainable learning occurs when students are encouraged to improvise within the curriculum imposed script.  Watch to learn more.

In Conversation with Stephen Hurley - June 2018

Jamie joins Stephen Hurley on his podcast In Conversation to discuss his book, The New 3 Rs of Teaching and LearningListen to learn more.