Today’s learners must be valued for their ability to think, far more than for their ability to simply remember.  For far too long, successful students followed the teacher-imposed script and were content to simply memorize the content.  They can now access any facts and figures in a matter of seconds, so why should they be rewarded for spending hours memorizing anything?

Sustainable learning is driven by active exploration, not simply passive exposure to new material.   Students need to be encouraged to forge the route, not simply follow the rote!

As such, they need to routinely have opportunities to explore tasks that are PURPOSEFUL, PERSONAL, and PRACTICAL.

PURPOSEFUL tasks relate to real-life issues and help promote active learning.

PERSONAL tasks synthesize new meaningful learning with prior related experiences.

PRACTICAL tasks help lay the foundation for a lifetime of continuous discovery.

Passionate Innovation must be far more valued than programmed recitation!

Forge the Route:

Half Day Workshop:

Focusing on how to consistently generate PURPOSEFUL, PERSONAL, and   PRACTICAL tasks for your students!

Key Concepts explored include:

- How and Why questions vs who,  what, where and when

- Isolated content skills vs Contextualized applications

- Prescribed Depth vs Desired Depth

- Paralysis By Analysis vs Paralysis Of Analysis

- Quantity of Assessments vs Quality of Assignments

- Personal Passion vs Perceived Purpose

- Teacher Intent vs Student Impact

- Personal Praise vs Performance-Based Feedback

- Time On Task vs Time Of Task

- Intellectual Simple Interest vs Intellectual Compound Interest

- Genuine Productions vs Contrived Reproductions

- Task Depth vs Task Breadth

Forge Your Route:

Hour Workshop:

Focus will be to explore any THREE of these Key Concepts in greater detail.


Both presentation options will provide numerous opportunities for PONDER POINTS (brief individual learner reflection), ELBOW EXCHANGES (discussion with an elbow partner) and TABLE TALK (longer discussion with the entire table), as well as whole group sharing.